Already learning


I am a terrible proofreader. That much is clear after only a week of this blogging experiment. I vomit my thoughts out on the screen, conduct a cursory overview, and then publish. And I inevitably miss spelling errors and many times, entire words. I am sure you have all noticed.

I am generally better than this at my paying job, so this strikes me as strange. Could it be an unconscious level of importance I place on blogging?

Get out

During a normal week, I situate myself in several places in Atlanta to get stuff done. Home, the FEE offices (one day/week), Strongbox West (2 days/week), and at Chrome Yellow at various points.

A lesson I learned too late is that the same setting for too long is bad for creativity and productivity. I, for good or ill, need almost constant refreshment in terms of my surroundings.

Today, I stayed home all day and I can feel the tension resident in that fact. Oh sure, I got things done but I feel pretty sapped from the whole thing.

All of this to make the following points: 1. get out when you can, 2. another reason to be thankful for our 21st century reality. The office is no longer our torturer.

Side note: I did not realize until right now that Chrome Yellow is not only a reference to the old paint factory it was built in, but also to Aldous Huxley’s novel Crome Yellow. I’ve only read Brave New World.


I need 6 players for Online Diplomacy


Friends, I need 6 people to commit to a game of online Diplomacy. If you haven’t played before, this will be a great, low-impact, low-time commitment way to get familiar.

I am thinking a standard game with 2-3 days between phases so no one has to worry about it constantly, but quick enough so people don’t lose interest or forget about it. And, of course time for smack talk and/or actual negotiation.

Here’s the site I use: Shoot me a comment here or an email to carl[at] and we’ll get going in a few days.

Or comment here if you have questions for the benefit of the group.

A Punch in the Mouth

Missed my first blog post last night thanks to a cocktail-progressive neighborhood party we partially hosted last night. A late and sluggish start this morning resulted. I am still not quite 100%.

So in celebration of this hungover state, I provide you with two drink recipes from last night. First, the Common Enemy as put together by a neighbor.

1.5 oz Bourbon, 0.5 oz black rum, 0.5 oz habanero syrup, 1 tsp Laphroiag, cinammon dusting

It’s stupid good.

Caren and I made a fairly easy gin punch.

2.5 cups vanilla and mint syrup, 0.75 cup lemon juice, a fifth of gin, and a bottle of dry sparkling wine. Add the wine right before serving.

Also good but perhaps a touch sweet. Next time I will back off the syrup a little.

Not enough (words for) love

I’m reading Robert Nozick’s The Examined Life. It’s full of good, mind-tingling things, and last night I read his chapter on love. He doesn’t mention this specifically but it reminded me that the Greek’s (yes, back to that language) have 4 words for love, where English has one.





They are pretty distinct and world certainly simplify English, leaving behind a lot of mucking about with adjectives. But at the same time, we would lose out on some great comedy of misunderstanding.

I’m really focused on Greek lately, aren’t I? This despite the fact that I have never attempted any education (self or otherwise) in Greek. I taught myself and took college level courses in Latin for years. And yet I return to Greek for in interesting tidbits more often.

No lesson today. Just bits of info. I assume people aren’t generally aware of this, but perhaps I am wrong?