Dilettante or not?

I’m probably a dilettante. My every day interests range across history, food, hiking while my career has switched from defense policy, trade policy, economics, nonprofit management and now finance.

Re-reading that, it’s not actually that broad. It’s all basically what used to be called political philosophy.

But I can’t actually say I’m a deep expert on any of those topics. I know enough to get paid, that’s all.

But that’s what the podcast is all about. Take something I’m doing anyway (reading history), and dive deep, share it with others who can’t dive deep, and learn something new (how to produce a podcast). Maybe I’ll still be a dilettante but I’ll be one with a new skill.

Hating on Ready Player One

I liked Ready Player One the book in the same way I liked The Da Vinci Code. It was entertaining, fun and quick. But it’s not a magnificent novel. Everyone knows this, right?

Given the hamfisted, obvious writing, I am also enjoying 372 pages we’ll never get back. Michael Nelson and Conor Lastowka of Rifftrax are mercilessly tearing apart the book chapter by chapter in a multi-episode podcast. Grammar, style, syntax, plot holes, the endless repetition, and the soulless pandering to Gen Xers like me are all fodder for them.

Highly recommended if you want a painfully detailed takedown of a NYT bestseller. Occasionally Mike and Conor seem legitimately offended that this book saw publication and that can be off-putting. But power through the hurt feelings and enjoy the brutal comedy.

Storm confections

The official blizzard this weekend kept us inside most of the time, except for shoveling expeditions and dog walks. So we fell back on baking.

First was a gluten-free Almond Cake with a Raspberry filing. It turned delicious but ugly.

Then, later today I tried some choolate chip cookies made from almond and coconut flour. I was not happy with them because coconut flour absorbs a lot of moisture and I seemed to have not put in enough liquid. They were edible but dry.

More gluten-free baking as weather dictates!

Podcast hints and more

First, as Ceterus CEO Levi Morehouse says, make things 1% better everyday. It can sound cheesy but it tempers expectations while still focusing on improvement.

Second, the impending early spring snowdoom hovering over Minnesota this weekend has me thinking baking for the next couple of days.

Third, my podcast topic is now in focus and I am building a narrative while also building up the technical skills and items I need. Microphone, etc suggestions welcome.

Here are some hints:

  • Maude
  • Ship
  • Anarchy

Make Soup

I have made soup three times in the last week. If I have veggies that are reaching their end of usefulness I summer them in water or brother for 30 minutes and then puree in the Cuisinart. Boom. Soup.

Because I mostly hate vegetables (especially raw) and this gets them into a form I like. I could live on soup most days, even in the summer. Definitelt.some cold soup recipes coming up in the next few months.