Piling up — adding more

Hitting the blog again, and I am challenging myself to get this done every day for 30 days. Here we go.

I am starting to up again, but there is just a lot going on. We’ve just wrapped up a financial quarter at work, so reports are due in the next couple of weeks and my team and I are on the clock. Outside of the job, shit has piled up: busted car, researching my podcast concept (more on that later), studying for some credentials I wanted to pick up.

It seems like a lot. So I’m adding more to show that I can. This long, gloomy winter needs a challenge.

Prince said “Sometimes it snows in April.” I’m going to make it blizzard and come out with some successes.

Meta is easy. Never go full meta.

A couple of weeks into writing a blog entry everyday and the temptation is always there to go meta. In other words, to write about how writing and blogging is sometimes a challenge.

Here we are. I’m doing it now.

I’d rather not write at all than do this again. So that’s what I will do. From this point on, no more meta self-referential bullshit.

Already learning


I am a terrible proofreader. That much is clear after only a week of this blogging experiment. I vomit my thoughts out on the screen, conduct a cursory overview, and then publish. And I inevitably miss spelling errors and many times, entire words. I am sure you have all noticed.

I am generally better than this at my paying job, so this strikes me as strange. Could it be an unconscious level of importance I place on blogging?