Thoughts on Magazines

It’s my impression that cheap weekly or even monthly news-based magazines are continuing their slow death, but that more expensive, higher quality lifestyle and esoteric titles somehow survive.

I’ve been particularly struck by this article in Monocle *about* Mare Magazine (inception warning!). I love it: a magazine about the sea … or is it around the sea … or is it of the sea. Somehow it has 27,000 subscribers (it’s only in German) and has survived a decade.

It gives me inspiration for a new magazine focused not on ideas (like The Freeman at my beloved FEE) but rather on anything around a central concept. I’ve got a few ideas ….

Do it now

I’m a week into blogging regularly and the most frustrating part has been my inability to remember all the great ideas I have. They float in and out of my head and there is nothing I can do to lock them down mentally.

So, back to taking notes immediately or blogging on the spot.

I use Evernote for on the spot recording of ideas. Any other suggestions?