City Flags

I love the city flag TED talk and all the effort that are cropping up to reform and re-do city flags to produce a sense of local pride. (You can find the videos and examples at the Atlanta City Flag site.) Not everyone can be Chicago or DC but it’s worth  a shot.

How excited am I? I tried my hand at a new ATL flag. FYI – I have ZERO design skills and did this on SVG-edit for free! The general idea is the railroads which formed this city as the backdrop with the red of the Civil War fire and the green of this city’s many trees.



A Sunday evening in Georgia

While Caren and I were in the North Georgia mountains this weekend, about 100 miles north and several hundred feet above home, the city once known as Terminus has bloomed and spring has finally appeared in strength. The blazing whites, reds and pinks of the flowers are here and astounding. Tomorrow I will provide pictures.

Even that short distance was enough to make the change evident, as the mountains remain a good week or so behind in their flowering.

I will also perhaps provide some pictures of some of the Battle of Atlanta sites. The July 1864 engagement too place right in my neighborhood.

Spring is here. Time to explore.

Get out

During a normal week, I situate myself in several places in Atlanta to get stuff done. Home, the FEE offices (one day/week), Strongbox West (2 days/week), and at Chrome Yellow at various points.

A lesson I learned too late is that the same setting for too long is bad for creativity and productivity. I, for good or ill, need almost constant refreshment in terms of my surroundings.

Today, I stayed home all day and I can feel the tension resident in that fact. Oh sure, I got things done but I feel pretty sapped from the whole thing.

All of this to make the following points: 1. get out when you can, 2. another reason to be thankful for our 21st century reality. The office is no longer our torturer.

Side note: I did not realize until right now that Chrome Yellow is not only a reference to the old paint factory it was built in, but also to Aldous Huxley’s novel Crome Yellow. I’ve only read Brave New World.