A Sunday evening in Georgia

While Caren and I were in the North Georgia mountains this weekend, about 100 miles north and several hundred feet above home, the city once known as Terminus has bloomed and spring has finally appeared in strength. The blazing whites, reds and pinks of the flowers are here and astounding. Tomorrow I will provide pictures.

Even that short distance was enough to make the change evident, as the mountains remain a good week or so behind in their flowering.

I will also perhaps provide some pictures of some of the Battle of Atlanta sites. The July 1864 engagement too place right in my neighborhood.

Spring is here. Time to explore.

For my money

“For my money …” may be a cliché but it’s an under-used concept. It signals that this is how you would order or rate a subjective judgement. “If it were my choice …” is roughly the same.

Next time you are on Facebook or any social media, take a look at how many declarations and subsequent arguments are purely subjective. “I like cats.” “Rubbish. Cats suck. Dogs are awesome.”

And then wonder how many people are just wasting their time with such discussuons. For my money, they aren’t worth it.

Larry King-style: An Experiment

Hummus should be everywhere …. What happened to Steve Guttenberg? …. I’m done with tapas unless someone else is paying …. I need to read Shelby Foote’s other books, whatever they are …. Trader Joe’s shopping is an expression of laziness for me …. I’m loving the show that @radiomori is putting on …. Did I change or did country music change? …. I’m disappointed that H. Harper Station is closing …. Glad to be camping this weekend because travel is a must …. The Amazon Fire TV game controller I bought was a waste …. Watch “Best of Enemies” on Netflix right now …. Is Simon Schama working on anything? …. Your dog can be enraging but you will both forget why very quickly.

Finally, does anyone remember the old Larry King USA Today columns?