PlanetFitness has it wrong about your future

The sign when you entered PlanetFitness today:

“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”

It’s a decent sentiment, but I think they have it wrong. If you workout and get healthy you will presumably live longer and have fewer aches and pains in the future. But those will be things you will largely not see and therefore not think about.

Who sits around when they are 85 and says, “Boy, I’m glad I worked out when I was 42?” No one. You’ll be too busy living your life and being a cool, alive old person.

Here’s what the sign should say:

“Do something today so that your future self is not in pain and constantly bitching to your family and friends.”

Radio and the spirit of the future

Just like TV did not kill radio, I don’t think the internet will ever kill radio. (But, TV is *the* thing this year.)

What the internet has allowed us to do is cut through the morass of similarity in most terrestrial radio and go directly the stations that are doing something interesting, different or wacky. Yes, the internet allows us to “curate” (apologies) our listening, while still relying on others to pick and discover for us. As I explained earlier, I love music but I don’t have the time or patience to pick out everything I listen to. Hence my love of internet radio, Pandora, etc.

So here are some stations I love:

WDVX – old-time country, bluegrass, blues, Americana out of little station outside of Knoxville, TN

WDCB – Chicago’s Home for Jazz

WBGO – Jazz out of Newark, NJ

KPIG – Broadcasting out of Freedom, CA. What more do you need? It’s pretty random.