A Punch in the Mouth

Missed my first blog post last night thanks to a cocktail-progressive neighborhood party we partially hosted last night. A late and sluggish start this morning resulted. I am still not quite 100%.

So in celebration of this hungover state, I provide you with two drink recipes from last night. First, the Common Enemy as put together by a neighbor.

1.5 oz Bourbon, 0.5 oz black rum, 0.5 oz habanero syrup, 1 tsp Laphroiag, cinammon dusting

It’s stupid good.

Caren and I made a fairly easy gin punch.

2.5 cups vanilla and mint syrup, 0.75 cup lemon juice, a fifth of gin, and a bottle of dry sparkling wine. Add the wine right before serving.

Also good but perhaps a touch sweet. Next time I will back off the syrup a little.

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