Alton Brown’s Eat Your Science Tour

If the tour is coming near you, I recommend you go. Alton is funny, educational and all-around entertaining. And yes, it’s a kid-friendly show in case you wanted to bring the rug rats. If anything I would say it gets a little “rowdy” because he certainly doesn’t do anything to discourage audience participation.

This will give you an idea.


But the one thing that bothered me was Alton’s prodding of the audience to “take a picture of this” or “go ahead and post that.” Phones were out the whole show. Which is awesome because the second screen experience is the kind of bullshit I love. (Bojack Horseman, anyone?) But it can be distracting from what’s actually going on up on the stage, and you get weirdly sucked into third and fourth screens. Turn down your brightness people. Please.

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