The Mission & Silence

The Mission is one of my favorite movies. The history, music and framing all come together into a powerful piece of film.

The more recent Silence is also amazing for many of the same reasons. I’ve watched it twice so far and am awestruck.

I feel like these movies share much. Besides the obvious presence of evangelizing Catholic brothers, the film’s share a seriousness, tone, scope and both can seen as stories of redemption, but with very different outcomes.

So it puzzles me that Silence has been largely ignored these past years.

Technically and in their art I see them as identical. So is it really the more difficult and ambiguous story in Silence that killed it’s chances for classic status? Or perhaps it’s overt rootedness in Christianity?

One thought on “The Mission & Silence”

  1. We’ve seen them both and can definitely agree they both evoke many questions about philosophy, society, and religion. The struggle to understand was fun.

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