Slight Return

Well, I wrote this in July 2021 and never published. I’ll hit publish now …

There is no more tiresome post than the apology for absence. Right behind that is the heartfelt promise to continue writing / posting / recording more. It’s all empty until its actually done. So I’ll avoid that and move directly to a random series of thoughts, I hope more coherent than the average Larry King USAToday column. (Zing to a dead guy and his twenty year old product!

As my social media consumption asymptotically approaches zero, I am listening to more podcasts and I am enjoying Jonah Goldberg’s The Remnant. Not only is it a reference to a classic Albert Jay Nock article, but Jonah has been absolutely on fire in his assessment of the collapse and utter miserable state of the Right in present day America. Even when Goldberg is wrong (Snowden is no traitor), he’s cogent and educational.

You should also be listening to Social Evolution with Max Borders and Michael Porcelli. Max was a colleague of mine at FEE and a friend and is now doing mind-blowing work at Social Evolution, his own research institute.

Farewell to Steve Horwitz. A friend, social media dynamo and occasional sounding board to me. He will be missed by many, many people and his role in the libertarian world will not be easily or quickly filled, to our detriment.

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