New location, new blog

I’ve moved to Alaska and so it’s time to write again. It’s never too late to start again.

Here in a snow-heavy location, I am realizing I need a boot jack. A boot jack: one of those Y-shaped floor tools that helps you get tight-fitting boots off. Going in and out of the house with giant neoprene boots all day long necessitates it. I can’t spend valuable time and limited back-strength pulling off knee-high mucking and snow boots. Add it to the list of things I have only needed in this particular State.

Remember those bug/cricket shaped boot jacks from the turn of the last century? My grandfather had one. As he was a farmer by trade, this was not unusual. These things were made of heavy cast iron and looked like art nouveau cockroaches. The antennae were the “v” that you used to pry off the boots.

Here’s one.


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