Evolution is failing us

Today, in the middle of the work day, my laptop just bricked. Just a logo on the screen. No login, no signup, nothing. Working with some online support, I eventually figured it out, but now I don’t trust this machine and will probably get a new one soon.

My work (and non-work) life is on that machine. Sure, a lot is in the cloud, but my desktop is a mess and I need to clean that up. (Guess what I’m doing tonight!)

But here’s the big problem: during the crisis itself, my body decided to release adrenaline and get me all jacked for fixing the issue. I was pumped / worried / energized to tackle a bunch of new shit which had just appeared.

Then I fixed it. And the adrenaline went away, and I felt tired and unmotivated. And also relieved.

Our physical reactions for a laptop crash and a bear attack should not be remotely similar. But here we are.