The Metaphorical Ass-Groove


Right now, I am excited that I’ve lifted myself out of my metaphorical ass-groove. It’s comfortable but ultimately (mentally) unsanitary.

In the past two months, I’ve become a 3-days-per-week regular at my gym and gone mostly keto, I’ve taken some steps to become more of a local community member here in Minnesota, I’ve checked off some long-lingering boxes (KE0QOU), and I’m committing to my long-festering podcast idea. And of course this blog challenge.

At this point I should probably write some inspirational piece on how I did it. But let’s leave that to 30+ days from now when this blog is still going and I have some tangible podcast product.

‘Don’t stop trying’ is the best I can say now. Because if you string together enough tries, you’re doing. (Meh.)