Podcast happening

Re-starting the blog has made me realize that I’ve been ruminating on a podcast idea for over two years now. Now is the time.

But first finish 30 days of blogging.

The key will be producing it in bite sized chunks. It’s a huge topic (no hints!) and I’ve made the mistake in the past of getting overwhelmed by its massiveness. It’s a historical topic and so the temptation is to be rigorously chronological. That will bog you down. Instead, I will start at 30,000 feet and steadily descend toward interesting people and vignettes within the broader narrative.

I’m excited about this. For years I’ve listened to Dan Carlin, Mike Duncan, Sebatian Major and a few others and been mesmerized by what they do. I want to give it a shot. Right now I see a first episode in June as I gather research and equipment.

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